Pitcher and Piano Review

Finishing second to none for location and views, the Pitcher and Piano provides a fantastic watering hole for a variety of occasions. Its panoramic views of the Quayside and wide array of drink choice, makes the P&P one of the go to spots in the city, both at day and night. However, after a stylish new refurbishment, does the bar’s food match the standard of its social status?
Renowned for being one of the best located bars in town, the open floor plan and vast number of casual sitting areas outside gives the bar a range of drinking and dining options. Once sat down and enjoying the sun through the bar’s wall of windows, (perfect for people watching), the menu ticks all of the boxes.

A combination of pub classics with modern twists, fresh salads and sharing dishes means whether you’re after a quick bite on your lunch break or opting for a celebratory sit down meal, the P&P has you covered. The starters consist of little dishes, packed to the brim of mouth watering treats. Send your taste-buds into overdrive early on with the chorizo hash, letting the runny yolk of the poached egg compliment the texture of the chorizo and potato cake. What the starters lack in size is certainly more than made up with the portion sizes of the mains.

I’m not usually one for ordering salads, (especially when there’s a selection of mouth-watering, homemade burgers on offer) but it didn’t take me too long to give into the temptation of the chicken, bacon and brie salad. Pan-fried chicken breast sits alongside dry-cured bacon and Cornish brie, nestled within a potato salad, covered in a honey and mustard dressing. The perfect choice on a glorious summer’s day on the Quayside.

Not one to stray from its chain restaurant roots, the P&P offers up a collection of traditional old favourites when it comes to the desert menu. After avoiding the lure of my chocolate brownie Achilles heel, I went for the honeycomb cheese cake. With my sweet tooth comfortably in motion, I managed to make room for the scraps of chocolate brownie courtesy of my party. Make sure that you leave your food guilt at home, and surrender to the indulgent arsenal of treats on offer.

If you’re feeling peckish on a quayside stroll, the Pitcher and Piano stands unchallenged as the bar with everything. A thriving atmosphere, regardless of hour, partnered with post-card like views, will never cease to entice. However, it’s the seductive selection of food and drink that will keep you coming back for more. Combined with a seat outside, a tall ice cold drink and a sun setting behind the Tyne Bridge, I think we’ve found heaven on our doorstep.


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