Chris Ramsey: The Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Morning TV

Ramsey at Sir Bobby's 80th Celebrations last year

Ramsey at Sir Bobby’s 80th Celebrations last year

Getting booted off a Saturday morning television show, without actually swearing, takes some doing. To run a tour off the back of it, and pull it off well, is something else entirely.

It’s ironic then that we managed to get tickets via Ramsey releasing a handful hours prior to the show, mirroring the remark that saw him ejected from the Soccer Aim sofa back in 2012. However, after catching Ramsey’s stand-up on a handful of stage and panel shows, it was difficult to imagine just how this young Tynesider could be so ‘dangerous’.

Segmented with tangents and tales, the South Shields born comic spends the majority of his set trying to justify ‘bumming’ isn’t a swear word, with a little help courtesy of a celeb filled closing video.

Ramsey’s unique spark of local references and accents were very well received from a sell out City Hall crowd, giving his 90 minutes on stage warmth and familiarity not seen too often. Revelling in front of a home crowd, Ramsey took joy in landing niche North East jokes, such as revealing the venue’s Wi-Fi password is Lindisfarne. Tales of working in All Sports in South Shields, along with a quip about ‘Resting Commuting Faces’ on the Metro also had locals in stitches.

The Hebburn star holds a fantastic conversational tone, in both his story telling and delivery, making it easy to imagine yourself down the pub with him. Stories of his friends and Family Guy references cement his comic appeal as a down to earth lad, without the offensiveness the show title suggests.

Hopefully, the recent news of Hebburn not landing a third series will see Ramsey push on and grow as a stand up. Although the show impressed and was well structured, it became drawn out on occasions, and without the Soccer AM theme it’s hard to work out what he would’ve focused on. However, the stories he intertwines to the theme illustrate that he is in no way dangerous, simply just a danger to himself, underlining his ability to get the best out of a bad situation.

If there was any doubt at how much the occasion and venue meant to Ramsey, his final words ensured everyone knew his elation. In Oscar acceptance speech style, the South Shields comedian tried to hold back the tears as he thanked his friends and family who supported him along the way. And much like an actor, you knew this was his defining performance, his gold medal on home soil as you were.


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