Legend by name, Legend by nature

John Legend - City Hall

A year since the release of Love in the Future, nine time Grammy award winning John Legend graced Newcastle City Hall last night, with his All of Me Tour. The epitome of suave and sophisticated, Legend had the crowd under his spell instantly.

From the moment he glided into the spotlight to the laid back beat of Made to Love, lapping up a warm welcome, Legend had the audience weak at the knees. Women wanted him. Men wanted to be him. It couldn’t have just been me?! He promised us he’d be “the best we’d ever had” and that “it certainly won’t be the last time” he visits Newcastle. Even if it was just all talk, we couldn’t help but stand there wide eyed and mesmerised.

Accompanied by a superb string quartet, percussionist and two guitarists, the stage was lit with a warm ambience, transporting you to a downtown jazz café. The set list flowed smoothly, with Legend entertaining the audience through tales of his song writing process, his journey to get where he is now and his loves past and present, between stripped back soulful serenades. Diving through his four studio albums, transitions filled with mellow touches of the keys, Legend created an evoking tale with charisma oozing out with every stare across the crowd.

John Legend - City Hall

His vocal range and grace on the piano was compelling, captivating and effortlessly cool. This is a man born to perform

Legend urged the crowd to their feet for 2008 hit Green Light, and kept them grooving with a fantastic cover of Michael Jackson’s Rock With You. Once the audience took back to their seats, it was time for their heart strings to be tugged with a moving tribute to his late grandmother, his rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water.

As bottom lips wobbled, the romance dial was duly notched up again. New single, and personal favourite, You & I started the final love-in phase of the gig. In fitting with the night, we’re also pretty sure somebody proposed during Ordinary People. Who could blame them. He rounded the night off in style with the popular wedding ballad All of Me, accompanied by backing vocals from a smitten crowd. Don’t be surprised if there’s an abundance of baby Johns in Newcastle next summer.

Legend laid his heart on show, with plenty of soul for good measure. He certainly did give us all of him.

Set List

Made to Love
Let’s Get Lifted
Used to Love U
Number One
Save the Night
PDA (We Just Don’t Care)
The Beginning
Save Room
Wake Up Everybody
Green Light
Rock With You
Who Do We Think We Are
Bridge Over Troubled Water
You & I
Caught Up
Ordinary People
So High
All of Me


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