Chris Ramsey: All Growed Up DVD Recording

Ramsey at Sir Bobby's 80th Celebrations last year

Ramsey at Sir Bobby’s 80th Celebrations in 2013

Last week we were lucky enough to snap up tickets for Chris Ramsey’s DVD recording show of his sell out tour, All Growed Up, at the Tyne Theatre & Opera House.

After the news that the London theatre which the recording was initially going to take place in was unavailable, due to construction issues, Ramsey informed his loyal fans via social media that he’d be filming his first live stand up DVD back in the North East.

Hebburn co-star and close friend Jason Cook warmed the audience up, before the 29-year-old took to the stage for the first of his two recording shows of the night. The comic was immediately met with a warm and rapturous welcome from the sold out Tyne Theatre, cementing his choice to bring the recording back home.

If you can remember, we also managed to witness his homecoming gig for his 2014 tour, Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Morning Television. Watching Chris in Newcastle is a refreshing and intimate change from seeing comics from outside the region take on the Metro Radio Arena, and his gratitude was clear for all to see throughout the night. An early reference to being a comedian that pays his taxes gained further support and applause from the lively, local crowd.

At times his excitement couldn’t help but burst through his performance and on the odd occasion he did stumble on his words, he was spurred on by supportive and roof-raising cheers from the crowd. New material focusing on his youth, marriage and looming fatherhood had fans in stitches, with interspersing North East references which he claimed the producer will have to edit out.

A real coming of age performance from the local lad.

After over an hour of stories explaining his obsession for house storage, being on the receiving end of rubbish wedding presents and tales of discovering he will be a father before the end of the year, fans piled out of the theatre grinning from ear to ear. At £10 a ticket, you’ll be hard pressed to find another comedy gig with so much value for money.

Chris Ramsey tweet


To pre-order All Growed Up on DVD, simply click here.



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